The Toymaker’s War

In 1995, Sylvie was a young journalist who went to Bosnia to find the perfect story. Instead, she found a village full of children from opposing sides on the brink of war. Now, called to testify against her chief witness, she must face the role she may have played in the tragedy that befell that village.

2 m / 3 w
90 minutes / no intermission

To watch the Working Group Theatre production, click on this link:

The Toymaker’s War, Working Group Theatre production Feb 2012

“The movement back and forth between the two historical moments, one in the midst of an unfolding catastrophe, the other looking back and trying to make sense of it, create multiple points of tension, the simplist on the level of plot–we want to discover what happened, but the others are more complex.”  Russell Scott Valentino, The Iowa Review.  Read the whole article here:

“Fawcett’s writing is perfect for the subject matter; she’s not afraid to ask the hard questions about what this all means… (she) crafts this story in an emotionally evocative way, and while the violence described is graphic and gruesome when it needs to be, she speaks volumes with what she does not say, using subtle foreshadowing and wry irony to paint a larger picture.” James Trainor III, The Iowa Theatre Blog.  Read the whole article here:



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